Short Fiction Stories – Finding Your Location

Now you’ve found the perfect characters to tell your story. You’ve got the story down and now you want your characters to face the elements on an island. While the waves crash against the shore, the sharks try to eat their characters. But wait! Are you a frequent visitor to desert islands? Have you ever visited the beach before? What does the ocean smell like? What does the air taste like? It’s possible to taste it yourself before you begin writing about it.

I have been reading short stories a lot lately. I am starting to notice a pattern in them all. Although they all feature believable characters, the setting of these stories seems off. I have read stories of a man trapped in a winter storm. It is something I have also experienced. However, it does not seem like what I saw. The setting was not plausible, the emotions were not right and the elements were incorrect. The story was excellent and the characters were well-presented, but the setting was awful.

Location, location, location. You would never have thought it would be applicable to your writing, and not just to a business. You can go to the exact location you wish to write about. Write! These tips will help you write like you were there.


To create the deserted islands story, you can visit a local beach to feel the sand under you feet and smell salt in the air. This will give you a good idea of the sensory experiences you would have if you were actually on an island. While it’s not perfect, going to a place that is close to the topic you are interested in writing about will greatly improve your writing.

Talk to Someone with Experience

You can talk to someone who’s been to desert islands or has seen the waves crash onto the shore, as well as someone who lives far from a beach. You can get them to talk about it, and ask them specific questions about each sense. Ask about how it smelled, what the air tasted like and other descriptive questions.

Do Research

Research is the least efficient and most expensive way to find the information you are looking for. While it may not give you all the information, reading stories with good descriptive words can help you get a better idea of what it would have been like to be there. It is possible to view pictures or read news articles related to the location.

Once you know the location of your story and are able to describe it with all your senses, then you can write a great short story. This will make it engaging for the reader. It will make them feel as if they are there with the characters. And they will keep coming back to you for more stories. Each aspect of writing requires some knowledge. Good writers are able to learn a little, while great writers can be very knowledgeable. Take a look at some of today’s best novelists. Think about how much research was required to produce their final work. The results will come if you put in the work.


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